How to Use OBS with Facebook Live

What's OBS? And why should you care? Watch below to learn more! 

Hi! I'm Courtney Foster-Donahue, and I'm a business, branding, and social media strategist, as well as 4-business entrepreneur.

I created this mini course, OBS Success to help content-creating entrepreneurs like you stand out in newsfeeds by using OBS – a FREE software – to broadcast live from your computer directly to Facebook, whether it be on your business page, your profile, or even in your group!

And not just broadcasting from your computer – oh no, no, no. This mini-course helps you do way more than that!

I walk you through, step-by-step, and show you exactly how to create multimedia, produced, and branded live videos. In less than 2 hours, I show you how to:

  • Do a screenshare
  • Play a slideshow
  • Add intro and bumper videos
  • Showcase images
  • Display logos + icons
  • Incorporate branded graphics
  • Use theme music
  • All using OBS and Facebook Live!

And here's the thing:

You could totally do this on your own (if you have lots of free time). 

You don't need this course. You could go watch a dozen YouTube videos on the subject, read every blog post out there, and if you’re lucky, they won’t all be outdated.

But, if you're anything like me, what starts out as an innocent research project for your business turns into a seven hour trip down the YouTube rabbit hole – and before you know it, you've watched all of The Office blooper reels, learned 10 ways to make almond milk, and watched way too many conspiracy theory documentaries.


I don't want that for you.

If you're not a tech nerd like me, you don't have time for that nonsense.

Instead, I want you to shorten that learning curve, get out of the YouTube rabbit hole, and check out OBS Success.

You just need about about two hours and an Internet connection!

(And 30 Baby Washingtons.) 😉 

Previously, OBS success was only available as a bonus course for my FB Everything™ students. 

However, I chose to pull it out and make it available to everyone! (Quite frankly, everyone needs this stuff.)

And because I'm the lead singer of Team Too Much, I didn't stop there: 

I've even included extra lessons in how to promote your fancy new livestreams as Facebook ads, how to get more organic reach for your livestreams (I have a few tricks up my sleeve), and how to format your live videos so they get more engagement both live and in the replay. 

That’s a whole lot of goodies for just one $30 mini course. 

I couldn't help myself.

If you want to amp up your content, reach more of your potential customers where they spend the most time (on Facebook), and create highly engaged, branded, produced live videos that will truly keep you top of mind for your target audience...

Then step out of the research rabbit hole and grab:

You know what to do. 

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